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10% Off!! Rocket Racing Wheels Attack Hypershot (1 Finish)

10% Off!! Rocket Racing Wheels Attack Hypershot (1 Finish)

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The Hypershot Attack has limited availability. For a full list of available sizes, backspaces, and bolt patterns, please see the Titanium Machined finish.
Rocket Attack Wheels are Strong, Lightweight Performance Wheels at a fraction of the cost of VERY Expensive Forged Wheels!  Rocket's New Track & Touring Series was engineered based on a relentless commitment to performance and innovation. The result is a revolutionary new category of wheel technology with the First-Ever Dual-Direction, Flow-Form, Semi-Forged Wheel.  Join the Rocket Revolution!

This dual-direction production method offers near infinite flexibility because the cast center can be moved within a wide range of offsets inside the spun forged outer, providing options that until now were available only from expensive multi-piece wheels. This breakthrough technology delivers weight and metal strength characteristics similar to traditional high-dollar forged wheels.
  • Premium Clear-Coating for Low-Maintenance and Show Quality Appearance
  • Incredible track styling and performance for the street at unbelievable prices.
  • Dual-direction, Semi-forged technology with similar weight and strength as fully forged 
  • 1-piece design eliminates unwanted leaky bolts and maintenance of 3-piece wheels
  • Generous caliper clearance specifications designed for performance braking systems
  • Standard dome machined center cap - 1.00" tall included
  • Optional flat center cap machined aluminum flush mount
  • Custom wheel finish options will also be available
  • Why order custom-built wheels?  READY-TO-SHIP Inventory

Note: All Rocket Racing wheels, including every Track & Touring Series wheel, have undergone rigorous SAE J2530 automotive aftermarket testing for street performance. Rocket Racing Wheels – including the Track & Touring Series styled wheels – are not intended for off-road or track use. Join the Rocket Revolution!